Oracle consulting

In the event that you need to bring new functions or procedure to your database surroundings, Let us deal with it. We will oversee your databases, you deal with your business. Our group of senior, skilled, and steady DBAs have helped IT pioneers   through out the United States with our expert administrations and professional services.

Consulting Engagement Process

A typical consulting task will include following steps. We will present a complete venture arrangement before we begin the work. We won't charge you anything in the event that you can't endorse our arrangement.

Expert DBA assigned

Submit a project plan

Progress report

Progress report Cost billed monthly or by milestone

Work completion

Post project support

Our DBAs can handle any oracle database related projects. Our DBA Services includes but not limit to, the following:
Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Data Guard
Database health check
Migration & upgrade
Exadata setup and maintenance
Setup new database environment
Backup and recovery
Database auditing and reporting
Disaster recovery
Database tuning
Setup OEM/Grid Control/cloud control 12c
on-call support